What is textile design?

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What is textile design?

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Textile design is everywhere around us serving many different purposes. From our clothes to towels to decorative home decor, the items are endless. This creative field encompasses fashion design, the manufacturing of carpet, and all other cloth-related industries. Artistic designers have the ability to create and inspire trends and styles.

Textiles are anything that is created from fabrics, fibers, or yarns. What is created serves many different purposes. Bulletproof vests are made of materials that are protective whereas the coverings on the walls of movie theaters are meant for sound absorption.

The field of textile design involves many steps. This includes pattern-making and the idea of what is to be created first. Followed by the actual production of the product. Today, computer-aided software (abbreviated as CAD) is used by almost all textile designers in the process of creation. This includes popular programs such as Adobe Illustrator or LECTRA.

The manufacturing process then turns the digital designs into a real life product. Often these designs are dyed or printed onto fabrics. There are many different types of processes that can be used for the finished item. Some examples are spinning and fabric-forming and also coloration processes. These are often produced by machines, however there is still a large industry that exists that uses hand techniques.