Storage Solutions for Tiny Bathrooms

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Storage Solutions for Tiny Bathrooms

If you live in an apartment, you know the frustration of trying to fit anything at all into the bathroom. I live in a nice size apartment, but the bathroom is ridiculously small. This has been my experience in every apartment I’ve lived in. Now, the need for storage space grows with the kids. Young kids need toys for their bath, older kids need 5 different shampoos and conditioners, several bottle of soaps and lotions, hair brushes, hair supplies, etc. How to fit all of this in a tiny bathroom?
What I have found the most helpful is a clear plastic over the door shoe organizer. These have loads of pockets to fit all your wall hung toilet, cosmetics, shampoos, toothpastes, hair scrunchies and clips, band-aids, you name it. Mine doesn’t fit over the door, so I hung it on 2 hooks on the top-there usually are 2 holes for hanging it that way.

The second is a no brainer, the corner shelf system that goes from the tub to the ceiling. You’ve seen these, little triangular wire shelves, they fit shampoos, sponges, washclothes, toys, etc. I have high ceilings in my apartment so these shelves don’t reach to the ceiling. I simply hooked the pole to the shower curtain bar with curtain rings. These shelves seem to be rust proof, buy check what it says on the box.

If you can, get a larger medicine cabinet. Try home depot. Most wall hung toilet medicine cabinets are useless beacuse they are so tiny. Depending on the walls in your bathroom, you may be able to put up small shelves. These are usually available at Ikea and are cheap. The instructions are simple, and all you need is a screw driver and maybe a hammer.

If you have a cabinet under the sink, use every bit of that space-but keep it organized. On the inside top of the doors, you can screw on little boxes to hold smaller items. I actually used those colorful baby wipe boxes. They’re plastic and a small screw will go right though the plastic-very easy. You younger kids will like these, their just their height and they are convenient for them. Of course, you should not leave any toxic substances in that cabinet if your home needs to be child proof.

If you need more towel space, get one of those tiered racks. Some just hang of the rack you have already. These are a big help when you don’t want towels hanging all over the shower rod.

These ideas are what works for me, if you have any others feel free to write them in the comments.